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DIVOOM Timebox Mini Smart Music Lock-Pink
Price RM225.00
Brand Divoom
Size (L x W x H) 6 cm x 16 cm x 11 cm
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  • 121 Full-RGB Pixel LED 
  • Built-in voice messenger 
  • 5W DSP Fine-tuned driver 
  • Professional sleep-aid and smart alarm 
  • Social media notification, temperature sensor and more


Inspired by Light and Sound

The most intelligent pixel speaker by Divoom



What’s Pixel Art?

Pixel art is a form of digital art, created through the use of 
raster graphics software, where images edited on the pixel 
level. Graphics in most old (or relatively limited) computer, 
console, graphing calculator and mobile games are mostly 
pixel art. As time gone by, the pixel art has now become a 
league in the art world, where many pixel art enthusiasts 
appreciate this retro art that remind their childhood fun.

History of Pixel Art:

1972First Concept on Richard Shoup’s  SuperPaint system & Xerox PARC.1982First published by Adele Goldberg1982s- PresentWidely and continue to be used by many  game developers, namely: Mario Brothers  by Nintendo2009Minecraft – most reputable pixel game2015Pixels (movie) by Columbia Pictures2015Divoom launched the first Bluetooth speaker  with programmable Pixels – AuraBox2016Divoom introduced its 2nd programmable  pixel speaker – TimeBox


Pixel art creation

Enjoy the classic fun with the most convenient and modern
way. You can now create your own pixel art easily with the
Timebox, as well as sharing your works with your friends


Pixel art animation

Did you know a classic animation is created by 
linking the individual frames together? Be creative, 
and make your own pixel animation on the Timebox.


Fine-crafted RGB LED gem
121 programmable LED / Thousands colors / Gem-style design

Equipped w/121 high-quality full RGB LED, these pixels can deliver up to thousands vivid colors. With the most advance 
GoldenLux technology, these LED can outlast any cooper based LED. To further enhance its lighting, Timebox employed a 
fine-crafted high-illuminated LED panel, where the fashionable gems can transfer the most original and colorful lighting.


LED Lighting

121 RGB LED provides the same luminosity 
as a 3W night lamp, and you can adjust the 
Timebox to your desired state of brightness.


Great audio

Packed with a 5-watts driver with passive radiator, 
Timebox is fine-tuned with the latest DSP(Digital 
Sound Processing) technology. It’s one of the best 
sounding speakers in its class


Bluetooth® 4.0 SMART

Timebox is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 smart 
transfer technology, where its improved stable connection 
brings your favorite music in both indoor and outdoor areas


Small for big

Big technology packed in a compact form


Built-in FM tuner

Catch up with the latest music billboard, or stay tuned with the  news broadcast. Enjoy all the 
exciting entertainment by your favorite local radio station.


Record voice message

Hold the snooze button or use in-app function to record your message. Surprise your love ones when they turns on the Timebox.


Built-in microphone

Built-in microphone provides the hands-free calling function, where you can enjoy the conversation without interrupting the task 
on your hands.


Enchanted with both relaxing sleep-aid sound tracks 
and the refreshing wake up alarms, TimeBox aims to 
provide the best sleep experience. You can also set 
your own pixel art, music and radio stations as your 
personal alarms.

Smart alarm

We know waking up can be difficult, so we included
many animated energized wake up alarms, as well as
the option to play your music or FM radio. When the
alarm goes off, your TimeBox’s smart alarm gradually
increase both LED brightness and alarm volume, where
you will feel energized to enjoy your morning.


Social media notification

Use our in-app notification system to tailor your own 
social media or event alerts.


Mini Games

Enjoy the endless fun on these mini-games 
with your family. We will continue to roll out
some retro pixel games for the classic fun


Temperature sensor

Turn on the AC or put on a jacket? Know your
surrounding temperature with the built-in
sensor inside the TimeBox


Divoom Timeboox is the most intelligent musical smart clock for your home. The built in FM tuner brings you the excitement of local radio stations, while its intelligent alarm and sleep aid systems ensure the most pleasant sleep experience.Its fine tuned audio and other unique features provide an unparallel product eperience.



Driver Size 3" full range
Output Power 5W
Frequency Response 60-2000Hz
Signal to Noise Ratio 75db
Playback Time up to 6 hours
Battery Capacity 2500mAh
Charge time 3-4hours
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Charging Via Usb cable, 5V-1A
Wireless range Wireless range:up to 10 meters
Bluetooth compliant Bluetooth compliant: Bluetooth V4.0 smart
Dimensions 114Lx115.8Wx55W
Weight 433g
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