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  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • 9 hours of listening with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Water resistance: headphone units IPX5, remote unit IPX4
  • Pivot Motion Fit and dimples on the unit provide comfortable and stable fit while running
  • Anti-Slip Material
  • Headphones with magnetic clasp for wearing around neck etc. when not in use
  • Open type earpieces allow users to be aware of ambient noise while running
  • Supports AE Run & Music training app for smartphones
  • In-line 3-button remote and mic
  • 3-color selection
  • Truly Wireless headphones
  • Memory foam earpieces for secure and comfortable fit
  • Up to 4 hours + 10 hours* battery life *Charging case
  • 15-minute charging for 1-hour playback
  • Auto On and Connect
  • Voice assistant compatible
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Trendy 4-color variations
  • Casual, colorful True Wireless with comfortable fit
  • Total 15-hour long battery life
  • Rain Proof (IPX4)
  • Hands-free mic & Voice Assistant compatible
  • Compact charging case for high portability
  • Splash-proof - ideal for exercise and fitness activities
  • Secure-fit in-ear canal headphones with soft rubber ear clip and cushion
  • Colour coordination with iPod nano 6G
  • Powerful 11mm Neodymium driver unit
  • Comfortable fit with 3 sizes of silicone earpieces
  • 1.2m colour cord with gold-plated iPhone-compatible slim plug
  • Dimples on soft ear clip for comfortable and stable fit while running
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology
  • 4 hours of listening with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Splash and sweat resistance: IPX2
  • Allows Ambient Sound with Open Type Earpiece
  • 4-color selection
  • In-line 3-button remote and mic
  • Pivot & Slide Motion Fit for secure and comfortable fit
  • Sweat Proof (IPX2) & Open type ear pieces to allow ambient sound
  • 6.5-hour battery life (15-minute charge for 1 hour playback)
  • Hands-free mic with Voice Assistant compatible
  • Tangle-free grooved cable with cable adjuster
  • 4 colour variations
  • Sweat proof "Gumy Sport" headphones ideal for sports
  • 1-button remote & mic for iPhone/iPod/ iPad/ Android/ BlackBerry (non sweat proof)
  • Secure and comfortable fitting with "Nozzle fit earpiece"
  • 4 color selections
  • 3.3ft (1.0m) color cord with iPhone compatible slim plug
  • S/M Nozzle fit silicone earpieces included
  • Bud type wireless headphones for secure and comfortable
  • 6.5 hours of wireless listening with rechargeable battery
  • Voice-assistant compatible
  • Sweat proof (IPX2)
  • Integrated 3-button remote with mic
  • 4-colour selection
  • 1-button microphone and remote to take calls and control your music playback on smartphones
  • Powerful and high-clarity sound with 9mm Neodymium driver unit
  • Finely grooved, tangle-free, stress free and durable cord
  • Subdued tones of 3 colour selections
  • 1.2m cord with gold-plated iPhone® compatible slim plug (L-shape)
  • S/M/L silicone earpieces supplied for secure and comfortable fit
  • Integrated one button remote and microphone on headphone housing for iPhone / BlackBerry / Android (with Smart Switch for compatibility of most of smartphones)
  • Rich yet clear sound by 10mm Neodymium driver unit
  • 1.2m tangle-free flat cord with gold-plated iPhone compatible slim plug (L-shape)
  • S/M/L silicone earpieces and carrying pouch included
  • Luxurious paper gift box
  • 3 colour selections
  • Wood 11.0mm dome unit for faithful reproduction of hi-resolution audio sources
  • Ergonomically-designed form with a secure fit
  • Naturally spreading sound with the newly developed acoustic purifier
  • Quad metal harmonizer suppresses unnecessary vibration for beautiful sound
  • Wooden stabilizer for clear sound by suppressing vibration
  • L/R isolated grounding cable
  • 1.2m detachable braided cable with MMCX connector and gold-plated slim plug
  • Spiral dot earpieces in 5 sizes (S/MS/M/ML/L), Low-resilience earpieces in 2 sizes (S/M), cable keeper, clip, carrying case included
  • Tough protector for durable body
  • 0.3 inch (8.5mm) Neodymium driver unit
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connection
  • 4 colour selection
  • Extreme Deep Bass Port
  • S/M/L silicone earpieces and carrying case included
  • 5 hours* listening with rechargeable battery *may vary depending on usage conditions
  • Listen wirelessly to your favourite music
  • 5 hours of listening with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Powerful sound with 8.2mm neodymium driver unit
  • Tangle-free flat cable
  • 3-button remote & mic for Bluetooth devices
  • Sweat and splash proof (IPX2)
  • 5-colour selection
  • S/M silicone earpieces included
  • Listen wirelessly to your favorite music
  • Secure and comfortable fit with neckband support and new memory foam earpieces
  • 3-button remote &mic for Bluetooth devices
  • 14 hours of listening with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Tangle-free smart cord management with neckband
  • S/M size color memory foam earpieces included
  • 5-color selection
  • In-line 1-button remote & mic for iPhone / Android / BlackBerry
  • "Dual Extreme Bass Ports" and 50mm Neodymium driver units deliver ultimate bass sound
  • Robust body with anti-impact "Tough Protectors"
  • Soft Padded headband and earpads provide comfort during extend use
  • Thick and robust 3.94ft (1.2m) cord with gold-plated slim L-plug compatible with iPhone
  • Wireless with Bluetooth connection
  • 11 hours listening with rechargeable battery
  • Light weight with flat foldable design
  • Integrated 3 button control with built in mic
  • 4-color selection