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RM299.00 RM399.00
Sony Walkman NWZ-WH303 Wireless Wearable Music Player 3-In-1 Headset
Price RM299.00 RM399.00
Product SKU NWZ-WH303
Brand Sony
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
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  • With an integrated wireless music player and 4GB space, carry your music along.
  • Powerful built-in xLoud stereo speakers with Virtualphones technology let you share your music aloud with friends.
  • The extra-long 105 cm. cable makes it the perfect companion for your mobile. Simply plug in and enjoy high-quality sound on the go!
  • Just a 3-minute quick charge and you can enjoy 60 minutes of playback. With a 20 hour battery life, your music will never stop. Almost.


The Sony NWZ-WH303 are headphones that pack in some rather unusual features. As well as normal headphones, they function as a standalone MP3 player, and have speakers built into the headband.

That’s a lot to pack into a pair of headphones. However, they do prioritise features over sound quality to an extent.  

Sony NWZ-WH303 – Design and Features
From a brief glance, the Sony NWZ-WH303 look like ordinary headphones. However, they’re anything but.

You can plug in a 3.5mm cable (included) and use them like normal headphones, but they are also an MP3 player and have little speakers jammed into the headband.Clearly designed for younger buyers, the speakers point up at your ears when the Sony NWZ-WH303 are worn around your neck. They’re a noise polluter’s dream, although to be fair the speakers are fairly positional, making them louder for you than those around you.

We can also imagine the NWZ-WH303 being used by joggers and gym folk – the wire-free design is pretty handy for exercise. However, they’re not as cool on the ears as an in-ear pair. These are on-ear headphones that use chunky faux-leather-topped foam pads and a headband that exerts a decent amount of force on your head to keep them in place.

The pads are fairly comfortable, but the headband padding is minimal and as these aren’t the lightest headphones they never really disappear on your head like the comfiest sets.

Being slightly weighter than average is no surprise given all the extra features of the Sony NWZ-WH303, but Sony has done its best to keep weight sensible. These are all-plastic headphones. Build quality is decent, but their presence doesn’t immediately impress in the way that, for example, the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear headphones do. There is a little light in the Sony Walkman logo on the back of one ear cup (it can be switched off), which is a neat – if completely pointless – extra.
Making the Sony NWZ-WH303 fully standalone also means they have to include a bunch of controls. Liberally scattered across the earcups are volume controls, a neat playback toggle, a power switch, a speaker switch, 3.5mm socket, shuffle button and a button that switches between the EQ modes. There’s also a little rubbery flap that hides the microUSB slot, used to charge the battery and transfer files to the 4GB of internal memory.

Sony MWZ-WH303 – Sound Quality
The Sony NWZ-WH303 uses a 30mm dynamic driver, a lot smaller than the 40mm one used in the pricier Sony NWZ-WH505. And it’s in sound that we see these headphones’ most significant compromises.

Throughout the various sound modes, the Sony NWZ-WH303 maintain a bass-heavy sound signature that doesn’t impress. The low-end is flabby and slow in the bassiest mode, and never brings the impact we like to hear in a bass-heavy headphone.

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